Attractions in China:

Great Wall

It is the longest man-made construction (6500 km – about 4,000 miles). Great Wall crosses the country from east to west. It was built by millions of people during the Ming Dynasty. Now is one of the seven wonders of the world. SIMATIC watchtowers from (a half-ruined section of wall) have a wonderful view of nearby hills.

Potala Palace

It was the historic residence of the Dalai Lama. Located on the high Himalayan plateau (in Lhasa, capital of Tibet), is a magnificent building of architectural which was recently converted into a museum with almost 1,000 rooms, 10,000 shrines and about 200,000 statues. Buddhist pilgrims every year from all over China and even around the world visit the Potala Palace.

Terracotta Army

It is a collection of eight thousand individual carved warriors and horses, many of them in size, located near the mausoleum of the first Qin emperor (near Xi’an). Terracotta Army guarded the tomb pyramid for 2000 years.

Kashgar Market

Political and commercial center is legendary. Kashgar oasis is where China’s ancient routes meet. It was a city in Turkistan Silk Road Muslim medieval. Every Sunday you can relive the experience of millennia old bazaars in Kashgar.

Li River Cruise

Its course of 437 kilometers is flanked by hills of green only. This is a beautiful river landscape as a picture perfect, with pineapple in lime and green rice fields and thickets of bamboo phosphorescent, cormorant fishermen Guangxi and water buffalo.

Aberdeen Harbour

It is a modern city with a permanent floating island on the southern shore of Hong Kong. Aberdeen is full of restaurants, houses, boats and water taxis.


This name means “twelve thousand rice fields”. This region is situated in lush tropical southern China, steaming forests of indigenous minorities such as the Dai people, the wooden huts that arise, fields of sugar beet and a variety of exotic species


The old capital of the Naxi kingdom, also called Dayan, is a mixture of wooden houses, canals, bridges and streets paved stone at the foot of Jade Dragon Snow (Jade Dragon Snow). It was past the point of convergence of the road for tea trade.


Is on a fertile plateau in the mountains of Yunnan. Bai and Yi minorities have remained in the region for hundreds of years. Dali is famous for various types of marble it produces, which are commonly used for construction and decorative objects.

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