The nearest island to the United States is Bimini, known as the gateway to the Bahamas. Abaco Island is located east of Grand Bahamas. The southeastern island is Great Inagua.
Other important islands: the largest island in the Bahamas Andros Island, Eleuthera, Cat Island, Long Island, San Salvador, Acklins, Crooked, Exuma and Mayaguana.
To the southeast Turks and Caicos Islands, and three parts called Muchoir Bank, Silver Bank and Navidad Bank, are a continuation of the Bahamas’s geographical, but not part of the Bahamas Federation


The climate in the Bahamas is subtropical to tropical in, and is moderated significantly by the waters of the Gulf Stream, particularly in winter. Islands are at a height of 10 m above sea level, which can be dangerous summer and autumn, when hurricanes pass near or through the island. Average temperatures are around 24 degrees C in winter during the dry season, December to May, and 5-8 degrees lower than during the summer rainy season. Nights are generally temperate, and northern islands, even cold.


The most popular destination is New Providence Island, where the capital Nassau is located – near Paradise Island and Grand Bahama with Freeport and Lucaya holiday towns. Both New Providence, with resorts: Cable Beach and South Beach, the Grand Bahama and offers excellent accommodation, lively nightlife, restaurants, luxurious shops and, of course, awesome beaches.
Cable Beach and Paradise Island, two magnificent tourist destinations are famous for water sports, golf, tennis and casinos.
Paradise Island – the most luxurious hotels, private villas and rent are found here. The main attraction of the island is Atlantis Resort, built by the legendary continent disappeared.

Many tourists prefer but delightful tăcutele and Abaco islands, endorsed, Exumas, where accommodation is in places more rustic and quiet beaches and reefs.

Duty-free shops are a popular way to find souvenirs, jewelry, perfumes, watches, crystal and liqueurs, in Nassau and Freeport tourist areas.
You can rent a boat and discover the Family Islands / most are uninhabited and guarantee total relaxation in paradise.
South of Nassau is Cable Beach, a beach with white sand, luxury hotels, golf course with 18 holes and the largest casino in the Caribbean.
Bay Street Nassau Straw Market is famous for,

Nassau is the capital and commercial center of the Bahamas Federation. The city comprises 70 percent of the population of the islands. Lynden Pindling International Airport, the largest airport in the Bahamas, is located approximately 16 miles from Nassau, and hosts daily flights to major cities of the United States, Canada, UK, and Caribbean. Nassau is located on the island of New Providence, which functions more as a federal district.

Eisenhower Park – offers an interesting program of activities during the summer. Has sports, aquatic center with swimming pool, various activities for families, picnic areas, home to Harry Chapin Lakeside Theatre, outdoor theater, with a wide variety of performances during the summer, from theater to film. Also, monuments and statues, and a restaurant. Other parks: Halls Pond Park, Imax Theater, Broadhollow Theatre Company, Jeanne Rimsky Theater at Landmark on Main Street, Long Island Friends of the Arts.

Cedarmere, Garvies Point Museum, Holocaust Memorial & Educational Center, Nassau County Museum of Art, Roslyn Grist Mill, Saddle Rock Grist Mill, Science Museum of Long Island, African American Museum, Long Island Children’s Museum, Long Island Studies Institute, Tackapausha Museum.
Parliament Square is the traditional center of government bahmanian. Beautiful buildings, built in the early 1800s include Parliament House, the old Colonial Secretary’s Office, Supreme Court, however Reginii surrounding marble statue of Victoria. Each season the market place in the opening ceremony of the Supreme Court. Next is Fort Charlotte, built in 1788. For a better perspective on the city Nassau, you must go to Coral Island, the Cay.

The biggest event in the calendar is Junkanoo Bahamas site, street carnival that takes place on 26 December and 1 January. Junkanoo groups fill the city streets, especially Nassau, wearing spectacular costumes of crepe paper and playing music specific Junaknoo combined with African rhythms with loud brass and bells. Costumes, improvised year after year, streets are left at the end of the party and can be an excellent souvenir brought home free!

Although the Bahamas you can find any kind of international food, not to be missed opportunity to try the local traditional cuisine. Wherever you are, there will be hard to find restaurants serving traditional food and great fresh fruit at reasonable prices.
Seafood is a sample menu bahamian. Conch (pronounced “Konka”) is a kind of mollusk. It is delicious, fresh, uncooked, meat is crestează with a knife and sprinkle with lemon juice and spices. You can eat roasted, boiled into steam, added to soups, salads. It is famous for its alleged aphrodisiac properties. “Rock lobster” is a species of prickly bahamian without claws that is served boiled, cooked mix, or in salads.
Another important ingredient is coconut Bahamas. Coconut palms grow in abundance in the Bahamas, and the nut is the most common ingredient in desserts. It is used in tarts, cakes, pies, puddings, ice cream, and often added almost anything. Are available throughout the year.
Bahamas Islands cuisine is never boring. Always spicy, aromatic cuisine was heavily influenced by South America Bahamas.

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