Heli skiing Incredible in British Columbia:

Have you had the opportunity to go heli skiing yet? Make it your next vacation as it’s an exciting, new sport that you’ll never forget. Heli skiing (along with its sister sport, heli snowboarding) is a take on downhill skiing that offers a unique experience. Instead of lining up in long queues for the chair lift, as you would at a typical ski resort, you’ll get to the top of the mountain via helicopter. Heli skiing skips the wait of a chair lift and flies you to an exclusive spot on a previously untouched peak to create the most unforgettable downhill run of your life.

What kind of equipment is required for heli skiing? Today extra-wide skis and snow boards are being manufactured. These make it much easier to surf along on top of the fresh powder. Many skis and boards are made with rocker technology which allows the tips to sit higher up out of the snow. This helps you stay more balanced and it makes your skis more maneuverable.

If you currently use a long wide ski or board that is designed for powdered snow, you probably won’t need new equipment. The same is true for experienced powder skiers. Don’t have these particular kinds of skis or any skis at all?

This is a not a problem! You can easily rent poles, skis, and snowboards at heli skiing lodges. Some packages even included the skis. All you need to bring are warm layers and yourself!

Plan your heli ski trip to BC to see the best ski runs the world has to offer. The town of Golden in southeastern B.C. is encircled by mountain ranges such as the Rocky Mountains and the Purcell Mountains. The town has built up a thriving tourism industry with such great skiing areas nearby. Another B.C. city that supports heli skiing and other winter sports is Revelstoke. With customizable packages, you can create a unique holiday for you and your closest three friends. They also have state-of-the-art, comfortable lodgings, so that you can return from your breathtaking adventure and relax in ultimate comfort.

As a skier, you want unbroken, powder snow without battling throngs of your fellow skiers. You can have that and more withheli skiing. You are able to get to remote areas that would be otherwise inaccessible, tackling more challenging and steeper slopesthan what you would find at an average ski resort.Virgin powder makes for the best skiing, and the way to get to it is heli skiing!

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