British tourism industry has recorded a rapid development after four cities have entered the top 10 list for visitors to the fastest growing. Glasgow (sixth place), Manchester (seventh), Belfast (eighth place) and Liverpool (tenth place) is on the list compiled by TripAdvisor. The rankings are based on recommendations and impressions posted on the site by tourists worldwide.

At the top is the Ukrainian city of Kiev, followed by Moscow, Turin and St. Petersburg.

The fourth place is Glasgow, the city will host the Commonwealth Games in 2014. Glasgow has recently received funding worth several million pounds to replace docks and steel hangars with art galleries and concert halls.

Manchester hosts football stadium just opened Traffordsi Old National Football Museum. In Belfast opened this spring futuristic Titanic museum, worth 100 million pounds, located near the site where the famous ship was built.

The list of cities around the world, is first of Mar del Plata in Argentina, followed by Sao Paulo in Brazil and Kiev.

Here is the list of 10 fastest growing cities in Europe:

1. Kiev, Ukraine
2. Moscow, Russia
3. Turin, Italy
4. St. Petersburg, Russia
5. Naples, Italy
6. Glasgow, United Kingdom
7. Manchester, United Kingdom
8. Belfast, United Kingdom
9. Valencia, Spain
10. Liverpool, United Kingdom

The list of 10 cities with the fastest growing in the world:

1. Mar Del Plata, Argentina
2. Sao Paulo, Brazil
3. Kiev, Ukraine
4. Montevideo, Uruguay
5. Perth, Australia
6. Mexico City, Mexico
7. Hobart, Australia
8. Guadalajara, Mexico
9. Moscow, Russia
10. Turin, Italy

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