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Even if a small country, everyone who visited Costa Rica came back convinced that there is a real paradise for holidays. In a small space you will find everything you need for a leave to become a banal exotic and unforgettable experience: fine sand beaches and waters suitable for swimming, surfing or diving, active volcanoes, tropical forests, true natural labyrinths. Eco-tourism is a “house specialty” in Costa Rica. You can move easily across the country by plane, bus or car hire, secure, because the locals are welcoming and friendly.

Some of the most famous mountains in Costa Rico are volcanoes, some still active, and tourists can visit. In the province of Cartago, close to the capital San Jose, Irazu Volcano you will find that erupted last time in the early ’60s. Poas Volcano, located in Alajuela province, is one of the largest active craters in the world. Arenal Volcano and in the north-west of the country, annually attracts thousands of visitors who come for the show’s unique incandescent rocks that crashed on the mountain sides.

Besides volcanoes and forests you will find wonderful, as is increased in Barva volcano crater – now dormant – in Heredia. Another active volcano, Arenal, located in the north, is active, and where you will find a resort with hot springs. The highest peak, Mount Chirripo, is volcanic.

Most of the country’s borders, over 65 percent, is the coastal area and in Costa Rica you will find some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, a truly idyllic. Although the coastal region is too populated, you will find here many states, because tourism is the main source of income Costa Rica. The country is ultimately more a tropical island, and to reach the beach from any point, you will not walk more than 100 km.

The capital San Jose is the best starting point if you want to discover Costa Rica. Located in the center of the country, is a fascinating city. Located in the Central Valley region, evenings can be quite cool – thanks to the altitude – but the tropical atmosphere during the day will make you forget this little inconvenience. The city is very crowded and traffic can often be a problem. Although there is much to see in San Jose, many tourists prefer to spend some time here in favor of forests and beaches. You can get here in the port of Limon on the Caribbean coast, with a totally different atmosphere from the capital, quieter and reggae rhythms dominated, where you can start exploring beaches.



It is not only capital but also the political, economic and geographic country, but the starting point to discover this exotic place. Crowded but equally inviting is a city that you will not easily forget, even for sightseeing here: National Theatre, Cathedral, Gold Museum, Jade Museum, National Museum.
One of the most interesting institutions of gender is Children’s Museum, housed in the renovated building of a former prison, a huge museum dedicated primarily to children. The huge courtyard of the museum children can see a train, plane and helicopter, all authentic, they can play to understand how it works. Moreover, here you will find a recording studio, for small visitors understand exactly how to record your favorite music artists. Every step is accompanied by guides vizitorii giving explanations.
Simon Bolivar Zoo is always full of visitors, tourists and locals, and here you can find animals that later you will encounter in their natural environment – with little luck. San Jose is a suitable destination for shopping and city atmosphere is nowhere more vivid than in markets or in public parks. Local residents, like everywhere in Costa Rica are very friendly and ready to offer advice. It is a spectacle to watch them discuss and keep abreast of events, from weather to politics. The Costa Rica are very proud of their country, and will try to show, even in a few words, you made ??the right choice coming here. In San Jose you can register for day trips through the neighborhood, so finding volcanoes, rainforest, Sarchi town – where you will find a wealth of local crafts and souvenir industry, and will be hard not to buy something.


Is one of the most beautiful nature reserves in Costa Rica, and for a tropical country, where nature is the resistance, it means a lot.
Tropical forest blends with white sand beaches, and in this space you will find monkeys, parrots, toucans, sloths, over 350 species of birds and more, a true corner of paradise for lovers of animals. Even if all the jungle seems to invade the entire park is perfectly organized, each lane is marked, so you will not get lost. You can relax on beautiful beaches, or you can rent equipment for diving or surfing. Manuel Antonio National Park awaits you every day, except Monday, and the fee is modest.


This park hosts over 400 species of birds, 100 species of amphibians and mammals, stretching more than 40,000 hectares. In the park there are many natural habitats, including mountain regions or mangrove forests. Corcovado is the true jewel of parks in Costa Rica.


Is located within walking distance to Manuel Antonio National Park, is an ideal destination because of beach and forest. You will find in small town restaurants, bars, hotels, shops, art galleries and craft shops that transform the town into a beautiful resort. It is best to come here during December to April. In February unfolds del Mar Festival, an event known around the world and Ain as a magnet attracts many tourists and locals.


A town famous mainly for its natural reserves: Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve and the Santa Elena Reserve, which offers miles of forests, with the chance to discover the fauna and flora of Costa Rica on walks. These special natural attractions to join efforts of local investors, trying to provide everything to attract tourists.


Located in the northern Pacific, the place is perfect for those who want to do a walk through a mangrove forest. Here you will find Tamarindo Reserve, about 400 hectares of mangrove forests and tropical forests with a rich and diverse fauna, among them dozens of species of birds and three monkeys of the region. Destination is a “wild”, but should not miss the list.


Is the former capital of the country. You will find many impressive ruins, dating from the sixteenth century, and a beautiful old church.


Is the country’s most important port, being built on the site of an old Indian village, Cariari. It seems that this place would have landed Columbus in 1502, when he arrived on the continent. Many tourists avoid Limon, in favor of the beaches in other parts of the country, but the city deserves all the attention. Most of the townspeople are light. Visitors will find both paths lined with palm trees and tropical flowers, such as those in Vargas Park, and a buzzing nightlife, where the fun is at its peak.


It is a resort located on the Pacific coast, known for its fine beaches very busy. From here you can visit the city of Puerto Plata City, the Osa Peninsula or San Vito, on the border with Panama, a mixture of Indian and Italian influences. In the region you will find a great place for diving.


Located in Golfo Dulce, on the southern coast. You will find here Corcovado National Park, beaches and a rich fauna.


Known by the locals especially because Perez, located 150 km southeast of San Jose is the starting point for hiking enthusiasts in the south of the country, mainly because Chirripo National Park, whose entry is found in San Gerardo Rivas of. The best hotel is Hotel Chirripo, situated next to the park entrance, but as good, though distant, is the Hotel Nuevo Iguazú.


An island of gorgeous Caribbean Sea, famous for its beaches but also for flora and fauna, one of the most beautiful in the world, and therefore always crowded with tourists.

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