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Georgia, known as the Gruzia is located in the Caucasus, south-western Asia. It stretches along the coast of the Black Sea, between Turkey, Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.
Georgians are called Kartvelebi, call their country Sakartvelo, that kartvelilor Country and language Kartuli. These names are derived from the name of a pagan god called Kartli, which is said to be the father of all Georgians.


The relief of the country is largely mountainous with Great Caucasus Mountains in the north and Little Caucasus in the south, stretching west to the Black Sea Kolkhida Plain and Mtkvari River Basin in the east. At the time was part of the USSR, Georgia was the leading tourist destination in the Caucasian region, due to superb monasteries, historical sites and picturesque mountains.
In Georgia there are numerous historical monuments, churches and places of beauty untold. The oldest churches are those of V century Bolnisi Urbinisi VI century, those built after they were built after the plan typical Georgian architecture in the form of a cross.

The capital and largest city of the country is Tbilisi. It lies on the River Kura and was founded in V century by King of Georgia Vakhtang I Gorgasali. The city is an important cultural and trade center, host its many important institutions such as Parliament and Government, Georgian Academy of Sciences, Tbilisi State University, Tbilisi State Conservatoire National Bank of Georgia and National Public Library parament.

Batumi Batumi and is a major port and largest city of Georgia, the capital of the Autonomous Republic of Adjaria.
The city is one of the most important resorts of the Caucasian Black Sea coast, famous for its landing eucalyptus, cafés and outdoor terraces, with a very diverse population.

This can be seen the largest aquarium in the former USSR and the largest botanical garden in Georgia, which is the largest and richest of the former Soviet space. Located about 20 km from the border with Turkey, it has a subtropical climate is an area rich in citrus fruits and tea.

Snake spa village is situated on Georgian coast of the Black Sea, situated 12 km south of Batumi, on the border with Turcia.Aceasta is the southernmost point of the Autonomous Republic of Adjaria, is located in the former Ottoman province, Lezistan, whose inhabitants have been called numerous times as the  Muslim.

Special geographical location, along a narrow strip of coast at the foot of the steep and wooded Small Caucasus and excellent beach and crystal clear sea make Snake one of the most picturesque sea resorts on the east coast of the Black Sea .


The most important cities is Tbilisi, the capital, Kutaisi and Batumi.

Tbilisi is the capital and largest city of Georgia with a population of 1.345 million inhabitants and an area of ​​350 km ². The city is situated on the river Kura.
Tbilisi was founded in the fifth century the King of Georgia Vakhtang I Gorgasali (452-502), although there is a village in the same place in the fourth century.
In Tbilisi there Gerogiei parliament and government, and also an important center of culture and commerce, with the following key institutions: Georgian Academy of Sciences, Tbilisi State University, Medical University Georgian Agrarian University Georgian, Georgian Technical University, Tbilisi State Pedagogical University , Tbilisi State Conservatoire National Bank of Georgia, Georgian Parliament National Library Public.

Historical monuments

On the territory of Georgia today were built large churches in Bolnisi (V) and Urbnisi (VI century). In the near future these buildings developed architecture typical Georgian plan in the form of a cross. The first of the monuments erected on this plan was the minster of Holy Cross (Jvari) on a hill in the capital of Iberia that time Mtsjeta (VI century). Other important churches were built in Parkhali, Bana, and Khakhuli Oşki.
You have taken the important monuments of Christian architecture, such as Bagram’s Cathedral in Kutaisi III (1003), in Mesjeta Svetitskhoveli cathedral, cathedral of Alaverdi (beginning of XI century), Gelati Monastery (founded in 1106) or monastery rock from Vardzia (1185).

Monuments protected by UNESCO are: Cathedral Bagram, Gelati Monastery, historical monuments Mtsjeta, upper Svaneti.
Paintings and mosaics oldest monuments in Georgia dates back to the eleventh century and show the influence of Byzantine art at the time. Worth visiting are the frescoes and mosaics of Bethany, Qintsvisi and Gelati. Miniature painting of icons and had at that time schools in the Gelati monastic centers and Chachuli.

Culture can be traced to Georgia ancient times due to cultural and linguistic homogeneity that characterized the Georgian people throughout its history. Georgian folklore is almost unique in the world where there are polyphonic, thus being protected by UNESCO as cultural property.


Cuisine and wines are appreciated worldwide. One of the unique traditions of Georgia is over, the Georgian table, means of socializing with distant friends and family, where Tamada is head of the table, caring for everyone to enjoy and taking toasts. Various historical regions of Georgia are known for specific dishes: Khinkali, the country’s mountainous eastern and Khachapuri of Imereti, Adjara and Mingrelia Georgia.

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