Travel to Maldives, South Asia

The 1,190 coral islands are a tropical Eden for those who love white beaches, turquoise lagoons, palm trees and water sports. The beauty of the underwater world is absolutely amazing. A wide range of colors and a variety of undersea living creatures, have fascinated visitors ever since the islands became an underwater tourist destination. The level of visibility can be over 50 m and the water is warm all time of year. All resorts rent diving equipment and there are diving courses even for beginners.

The Maldives are becoming every year more and more popular among tourists’ desired destinations worldwide. This paradise on earth is vulnerable, because of the 80% of its territory is less than 1 m above the sea level.

It is estimated that these unique coral atolls were formed 65-200 million years ago, from the crust of a volcanic mountain chain. Atolls (the word atoll comes from Atholhu) are constituted from the coral reef barrier. The part of the reef that connects the islands between them, comes from destroyed corals, which give the distinctive white color to the beaches. Being protected by the reef, the lagoons have calm and crystal clear waters, full of various species of fish and corals.

To make the most out of your holiday in Maldives, do not miss the following attractions:

• The breath-taking collection of artifacts at the National Museum in Sultan Park, Male.
• Friday Mosque (Hukuru) Male XVII century. Visit the Islamic Center. There are more than 20 mosques scattered on the surface of the capital.
• Visit the Maldives Victory wreck, it sunk in 1981 and is located on the west side of Hulu.
• In Mushimasmingili Thila you can watch reef sharks and tropical fish, located in the north of Ari Atoll .
• Buy local handicrafts. Baa Atoll is one of the few places that still uses traditional techniques. In Male, you can also find several craft markets.
• Visit the underwater world. All resorts have professional equipment, diving schools and most of the resorts offer boat rides with glass bottom so you can see the underwater beauty.
• Go for a fishing trip with a boat equipped for big fish. At night, you can catch a lot of fish.
• Visit Makunudhoo Island, renowned for quality food. The island receives protection on all sides by a beautiful lagoon and beaches with palm trees. The downside is the most expensive island resort in the Maldives.
• Spend a night or two on an uninhabited island. You can visit a fishing village and take an excursion from there to an uninhabited island.

Although performances of music and traditional dances are not performed every day, the locals kept Divehi culture, despite foreign influences – from Indian movies and oriental martial arts to Muslim fundamentalism. In the capital there are Western fashion, pop music and videos, but public holidays always make an atmosphere Maldives. Bodu BERU means big drum and is the name given to the dance and traditional music. Dancers begin with slow movements, as the pace increases, culminating in a frenzy of movement.

Fish and rice is the basic food in local restaurants and meat is eaten only on special occasions. National dishes include fried fish, spicy fish soup over. Areca nut crushed, mixed with leaves of pepper, clove and lemon, make a drink that is consumed after dinner. Alcohol is found only in resorts. Besides coconuts, few fruits and vegetables grow on the island, so most of the served food is imported.

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