Beside from the cheap accommodation, the hostel offers a full experience. Socializing, fun and the atmosphere itself into place.

Radek Downunder Underground Backpackers Inn in Coober Pedy, Australia.

In South Australia, in Coober Pedy, Radek hostel accommodates their people to about 6 feet and a half underground. This place was an opal mine between 1960-1980 when it was turned into an underground hostel bedrooms with more beds and motel rooms. Maybe it seems a strange thing but locals is a given. Temperatures are very high in the area, about 45 degrees and 60% of the population lives underground to cool.

How much it costs sitting in Radek? It depends. You can take a room with 4 seats $ 160 or a bed in a room with 21 beds $ 32.

Jumbo Hostel in Arlanda, Sweden

Not lower than the plane that you can accommodate Arlanda Airport, just minutes away, in another plane. It’s a Boeing 747-212B in 1976 and has 27 rooms and 76 beds for those who like to travel by. If you just want to visit, Jumbo Hostel is a café and a lookout on the wing instead of left.

How much it costs to stay at Jumbo Hostel? Between 40 euros for a place in a room of 4 people and 160 euros for an apartment for one person.

Local Cave House in Goreme, Turkey

If you reach the famous Cappadocia balloon ride, maybe you’d like to sit in a cave, as did residents in the past. Local Cave House in Goreme is a cave with a few rooms that look great, rather like a hotel. It has air conditioning, swimming pool and site specific decoration.

How much it costs to stay at Local Cave House? 35 euros for a single room and 30 euros for a place in a double room.

Lua Key Youth Hostel in Natal, Brazil

At the hostel you can sit and royally. The best evidence is the Lua Key Youth Hostel which is arranged in a castle. Building has an impressive history, the castle was built and opened in 1995, the money earned by the owner of another hostel-‘s. Is still a special experience for those who stay here. Court rooms have names like witches and the Inquisition or bedroom is large, comfortable and bathrooms.

How much it costs sitting in Lua Key Youth Hostel? Around 22 euros for a place in a room for 6 people.

ArkaBarka Floating Hostel in Belgrade, Serbia

This floating hostel on the Danube in Belgrade. Furthermore, there are organized various cultural events so if you get to Belgrade, ArkaBarka Floating Backpacker Hostel is the right place.

How much it costs to stay at ArkaBarka Floating Hostel? From 15 euros for a place in room 5 to 30 euro a double room.

Barka Basia in Krakow, Poland

Barka Basia is a hostel on a boat. Rather, on a pontoon. It has double rooms and rooms with multiple beds with all conditions and if you want to relax over a beer, you can climb on the roof and sit on the terrace. Barka Basia is the Vistula River, ten minutes away from the historic city of Krakow.

How much it costs to stay at Barka Basia? Depending on the season, between 15 and 90 euros for a double room instead.

Ottawa Jail Hostel in Ottawa, Canada

For a hundred years (1862-1972), there was a prison where prisoners were subjected to cruel treatment. Now, Ottawa Jail Hostel is a friendly place, with the transformed cells in welcoming and warm rooms, even if still haunting ghost stories among employees.

How much it costs to stay in Ottawa Jail Hostel? From 23 euros for a bed in a room of 6 and 40 euros in single room.

Santos Express Train in Mossel Bay, South Africa

If you can accommodate in a plane, what could you do it in a train? Well, Santos Express Train is a hostel arranged a train stopped on the Indian Ocean beach. You can swim with dolphins, you can watch whales, you can sunbathe, and in seconds you can take a nap in your own room in the train. No worries, the train doesn’t go anywhere.

How much it costs stay in Santos Express Train? A trifle. From 9 euros for a seat in coach and 12 euros for a seat in a compartment.

Carbisdale Castle Youth Hostel in Carbisdale, Scotland

This hostel is the castle built for the Dowager Duchess of Sutherland and accommodated over time wealthy and influential and was even the royal retreat. The castle has an impressive collection of art and Italian marble statues so stay here is an unmissable experience.

How much it costs to stay in Carbisdale Castle? From £ 23 single room up to 115 pounds for an apartment for 6 people.

Sepilok Jungle Resort in Sandakan, Malaysia

Yes, there are hostels and in the jungle. In Sandakan you can sit in the middle of virgin tropical forests to be one with nature. Conditions are civilized: hot water, air conditioning, pool and spa. The activities can you do here but are site specific: jungle trekking, fishing, fruit picking, camping or you can simply watch the birds.

How much it costs to stay in Sepilok Jungle Resort? Not much. 8 euros for a place in a room of 4 and 18 euros in a double room and 37 euros for a single room.

Nick’s Homestay in Bali, Indonesia

Bali is not just about luxury and expensive. You can save money for flights and you can choose to stay in a peaceful without paying a fortune. Nick’s Homestay is a family business and is just minutes from Monkey Forest and fifteen minutes from the center of Ubud. Conditions are authentic Balinese decor and so stay at Nick’s Homestay Indonesian part of the whole experience.

How much it costs to stay at Nick’s Homestay? Prices are between 12 and 18 euros for a place in a double room.

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