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Goa is well known for its beautiful beaches to be one of the best places to visit in the world, but there is another side to them, however that goes unnoticed by any outsider. As is obvious, on the surface there are beaches of sand and sea, suns but there are preconditions that are not quite good for the tourist and their hosts in the long run. This blog brings an organized structure for the evils where a detailed review of crime, drug, violence, destruction of landscape and many more are discussed.

History of Crime on Goa Beaches

Notable Criminal Incidents

It is surprising that since Goa is popularly known as a tourist state, some high profile crimes have occurred in the region. The murder of a British teenager Scarlett Keeling who died a slow death on Anjuna Beach in 2008 and the murder of Irish woman Danielle McLaughlin in 2016 are two graphic illustrations of the risks that come with the beauty of the place. They have been marked by cases of insecurity and the existence of criminal factors in the area.

Evolution of Crime Patterns

The rate of crimes in Goa has been varying from one decade to another decade concerning with the first decades of free India of the British rule. People really started moving in after the year 1960 and especially the 1970s with for instance the hippies and this stirred things like the existence and proliferation of things such as the drug subculture and other petty crimes. Nevertheless, the revelation of tourism called for other heinous crime incidences that occurred within the society of; rape, Robbery & Human Trafficking. Controlling the influence of more and more gangs has provided a further boost to the criminal activities like the trafficking of drugs in the region of Goa.

Influence of Tourism on Crime Rates

The relationship between tourism and crime in Goa is also evident, though the kind of association is more complex. This has the effect of increasing crime rates because as people travel in large numbers, and the traveller may not be fully sensitized on the dangers of the destination country, crime is boosted by the arrive of each tourist. There is substantial linkage between the tourist season and crime, especially for criminal acts like theft, assault, and offenses involving drugs are known to increase during peak tourist seasons.

Drug Trafficking and Abuse

Drug Supply Chains

As for the drugs, it was not very shocking since Goa is famous for its attractions and at the same time the place is known to be a place where drugs are dealt. Drugs like Hashish, ganja etc, are smuggled into Goa through networks, and lifes are brought to other states in the country. They candidly stated that e has weak coastlines; due to lack of surveillance to conduct proper reconnaissance of boundaries that bound it to the sea, becomes a most likely transit point for narcotics. When in Goa, the substances are sold through offline merchants who have objectives in the discos, parties on the beach and in luxury hotels.

Commonly Abused Substances

The prohibition of various activities and substances in Goa includes the drug scene as well with its variety. Substances like marijuana and hashish have been in use for long while other artificial drugs such as; MDMA (Ecstasy), LSD and ketamine have flooded the market. Other drugs such as cocaine and heroin exist for the home-based users and tourists as well looking for a thrill. This access has made it easier for the people to get these drugs and there have been alarming cases of drug abuse among both locals and tourists.

Law Enforcement Challenges

There are many problems encountered by police authorities in addressing issues related to drug distribution and use. Some of the challenges of employee relations include the following: There is always POLITICAL INTERFERENCE, and there is also the challenge of limited resources and corruption within the police force. Secondly the drug-trafficking organization is well organized and is not easy to dismantle, this is due to its complex structure. This means that due to the fluctuating influx of tourists who keep changing after some days, there is difficulty in undertaking enforcement and rehabilitation repeatedly.

Unsolved Mysteries and Disappearances

High-Profile Cases

A few cases of disappearing and unsolved mysteries have also been reported in Goa. Apart from Scarlett Keeling and Danielle McLaughlin, another mystery is the case of an Australian national Ryan Chambers who went missing in 2005. Such scandals are quickly magnified by the media, but cases in an area densely populated with tourists remain cold most of the time because the witnesses and suspects alike are transient.

Local Legends and Myths

The beaches of Goa are to a much extent famous for folk tales and most of these stories are related to vanishing incidents and ghost stories for fear. Therefore the haunting and spirit myths and legends do add value to the scopes for Goan beaches as well as natural scenic beauty. However, without exception all of them are legends, though some of them can be directly associated with some historical events which is rather fascinating given the context.

Environmental Degradation and Pollution

Sources of Pollution

Pollution is among the most serious challenges that affect the Goa beaches, which are located in the western part of India. Some of the primary sources of pollution include: s for instance pollution from plastics used in the area, direct discharge of water sewage and chemical discharges from industries around the area. As a result, there is so much littering conspicuous all over the place particularly by the independent travelers who normally rely on disposable items such as plastics and other unnecessary products.

Impact on Marine Life

Specifically, pollution proves to have a negative effect on the seas and the surrounding wildlife of the area. Apologists of this modern menace known as plastic assert that it poses no real threat as it is biodegradable but it actually poses a threat to the lives of marine species by degrading the quality of water hence adversely affecting the fish population and general biodiversity. Coral bleaching and degradation become one threats to marines and directly affect the income of the local fishermen.

Environmental Programs

Many organizations has been established due to increasing environmental issues solve by various consavation efforts. This has been ensured through active involvement of government agencies, local NGOs and other active community based groups to help in cleaning up of these beaches as well as encouraging aspects of sustainable utilization of these beaches. The activities carried that involve the cleaning up of beaches, the banning of plastics, as well as awareness creation of the environs are intended to reduce the negative impact of the environment and ultimately retain the complexion of Goa.

Tourist Exploitation and Scams

Common Scams

Goa being one of the top tourist destination in India, most of the tourists are often become victims of various scams even up to the level of exploitations. This is real and includes cases of fraud in charging extremely high fees, fake tour operators, and fake currency exchanges. Other more malicious instances entail people using chemicals to spike the drinks as a way of robbing individuals or physically attacking them. Beach shacks and markets are some of the conducive areas that a tourist is postured to be fleeced a lot of money.

Safety Tips for Tourists

tourists should be very careful and use appropriate measures so that they cannot be scammed. Some of the safety tips include selecting competent and trustworthy service providers; walking in lit parts especially at night; and being cautious of overly friendly people who are strangers. Since emergencies are unpredictable, one should have numbers of close friends and relatives in case of an emergency; One can also learn about the hazards and dangers that are nearby.

Impact on Tourism Industry

Which are though some of the ways in which scams and exploitation of tourists have had adverse effects to the Goa tourism. Negative events or events that create wrong perceptions about the state travels around spread the bad news and discourage travellers from visiting Goa, hence regarding the state as unsafe. These challenges have an adverse impact on the sector and therefore the tourism sector must employ appropriate measures to retain the image of tourism and safety of tourists.

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